Monday, November 24, 2008

YouTube and YourFuture

Your guard becomes your family. And sometimes families do pretty crazy things that get captured forever on someone's cell phone and posted to YouTube. Things that were funny in the moment, but in a few weeks, cause you to blush with shame. Maybe.

Recently the issue of employers firing employees due to offensive and questionable YouTube posts is bubbling to the surface of the news.

President-elect Obama is screening cabinet members and potential employees to the level where he wants every blog post, email, Face Book, YouTube etc investigated. More and more people are being blackmailed and exploited from a few mindless moments of "fun". On the presidential level, we all know video of someone naked in a tree can cause a scandal.

Private employers (meaning anyone but the government) CAN fire or refuse to hire anyone who has an internet presence deemed embarassing or a bad reflection of the company's image. Even if the video is several years old! Google it. You'll find stories.


When you're on the road with your guard, think twice before hauling out the cell phone camera. Think extra twice before posting to YouTube. When it comes time for you to start your career and find a good job, that moment of "fun" may come back to bite you and cost you.

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